Monday, February 15, 2016

Wheelchair for Emmanuel

So way back in Sept of 2014 I met a man out in Obulle who had two broken hips. (Picture here) Hip replacement doesn't really happen here in Soroti and there was little I could do for him. Well, a few weeks back I was given a wheelchair by the departing E3 team who had a few extra. So I brought it out to him last weekend. Emmanuel lays on that mat on the ground all day long. He is carried out of the house in the morning before his son goes to work in town and after his son gets home in the evening he is carried back inside. His wife, the woman standing behind the chair, can't help him as she is also in her 70's. They were very excited about his this is going to improve his life.
We offered to help him get in the chair before we left but he was ashamed to have visitors help him (as he didn't have pants on) and wanted to wait for his son to get home. I'll go back to check on things in a few days but I'm sure they will be able to figure it out.

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