Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I can't believe i'm still writing about these stupid bank accounts!

If you follow this blog you know I've been trying to get some simple bank accounts. If you don't follow this blog it isn't actually that important. I recommend skipping this post and checking out some missionaries who post far more interesting things than me.
Like this one: The Very Worst Missionary Ever
Or there is always something good to read over at A Life Overseas.

However, if you have read these already and actually care about this STUPID ongoing mess of me trying to get a bank account read on. (Last written about here.)
Election time was very quiet here in Soroti so starting the 22nd I resumed my frequent trips into the bank. I was told I had accounts now but needed to fill out applications to receive a debit card, check books and online banking.  So I had accounts and I could put money in but still had no way to get money out. This didn't actually seem to me to be "completed accounts" but Robert (Mr. Manager) didn't seem to see it that way.  After filling out more forms, making more copies of my passport and signing more things, I also had to sit down with someone else while they set up online banking for me. I told him I was able to do this on my own but he insisted that him setting it up was the only way for me to get a pin number for the debit card. I was so tired of fighting with these guys that I just let him do it his way. This guy was ridiculous. He was their "IT" guy and he couldn't type and it took him forever to just navigate around.  Some of it was his poor internet but most of it was his lack of computer skills. So as he was setting things up for me he assigned me a user name involving all manner of letters and numbers but nothing resembling my name. He also made a password for me. When it got down to the security questions I almost lost it. Part of it wasn't his fault- the questions were the most preposterous I've ever heard. Like "what is the name of a childhood friend?" Well, if I only had one this question would have been fine. I know this is an issue with the bank.  My problem with the IT guy was that as he was entering my answers he spelled two of my answers wrong. I was watching him closely, thankfully as I would have been very frustrated if not. I had every intention of going straight home, logging in and changing everything he had just done but still it was a waste of time and too frustrating.
Anyway, jumping ahead to this week. I stopped in the bank and got my debit card. I'm still waiting on my checkbook but I feel like I actually have something to work with now.
Here is the most entertaining twist of the whole darn thing.....
Literally the day that I have these accounts opened, I read in the news that Barclay's pulling out of all of Africa. No more Barclays banks in Uganda. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-35695601
That seems like an appropriate ending to the way this whole process has gone for me......

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