Saturday, March 19, 2016

Like a duck out of water

There are 20 ducks living in Lormoruchbae. I'm not sure how they survive but Simon, one of the guys in the village I live in, has been successfully breeding ducks. I honestly can't believe these ducks. Somehow they can go days without water. 100+ degree, sweltering, dusty days. I couldn't help look at them this trip up as I was sitting in one of the tiny patches of shade and thinking that this isn't actually what God created these little guys for. They need large bodies of clean water for swimming and grass and other green things for eating. Instead they get tiny bits of filthy dirty water once in a rare while and get to just try to scavenge what sparse food they can find. 

I didn't have any water to spare but I gave them the little dirty water I was going to throw out anyway and all twenty of them tried to bathe in it. I looked at their burned web feet (from walking in hot sand) and realized that these ducks were going to live their whole lives without ever swimming. This deficient, dis-satisfactory life is not what they were created for!! I found it very sad. Then I caught myself, it isn't just the animals, the people of this village weren't created to live like this either.
They were not created to live with the hopelessness and despair that surrounds them. Struggling for each meal, feeling trapped in their circumstances.  They were created to live confident in a relationship with their creator that sets them free from the lies of this world.
But I guess this is a bit true of all of us.  I'm reminded once again that this world is not our home. We have a perfect place waiting for us. But that place is not here. We are all like ducks out of water. For now.
Please pray that the k-jung will learn to put their hope in God!

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