Wednesday, March 2, 2016


So the popular health drink Kambucha has made it to Soroti. I had it in my checked bags. And now I have two SCOBYs growing in my kitchen. 
I don't love the taste like some people do but I love the idea of growing my own probiotics. There are some crazy claims about this health drink, very few of which I believe. However, in my own, one person clinical trial (on myself) I found that there didn't seem to be the same level of sensitivity to pathogens causing gastrointestinal upset as in the past. This is a nice way of saying I haven't had any diarrhea since coming back to Uganda.
Lets face it, diarrhea is extremely common in the developing world and missionaries (even nurses) are not exempt. But I've been drinking a half a cup a day since about mid November and I'm glad I do. I really believe it has made a difference.

It is nothing more than a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), tea, water and sugar. I let it grow and because it is on average 100 degrees in my kitchen I can bottle this stuff about every 10 days.
I'm beginning to think about how I can offer it to my patients. However, this might be a challenge. I don't think two or three days of the stuff will make a difference. It needs a while to improve your gut flora. But it needs refrigeration after bottling which practically none of my patients have. So I'm not sure yet if I can offer it. However, I'm trying to convince other expats who have fridges that it will improve their lives and that it is worth growing and drinking. So if you live in Uganda and want a mother fungus from me just let me know.....

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