Friday, March 18, 2016

hot and dry in karamoja

I was in Karamoja for the first part of this week and man is it still HOT and DRY up there!!! From about 11am to 4pm I'm useless as I needed a shady spot to just hide from the intense sun. I also didn't go up with enough water, making this trip around even more challenging.

The folks of my village are hungry too. Their stored food from last rainy season is pretty much completely gone and the last little bit they are saving to plant when the rain comes. They are eating once a day and it is really hard to see my friends and neighbors so painfully skinny. I cooked a big meal with the extra food I brought up and fed a bunch of the kids but I know it was pretty much a spit in the pond.

There is always lots of work do to but now people get up before dawn and work until after dark to escape the heat of the day. 

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