Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I need a padded room

Lets start with the good. First, sometime in the last 12 hours, the city water pressure has been high enough to fill my water tanks. So, I have running water in the house again which means, at least for a bit, I can stop carrying jerry cans and I can shower and flush my toilets and filter drinking water instead of boiling it.
Second good thing, my parents are arriving for a visit in two weeks!!!! I can't wait. I'm going to spend quite a bit of time hanging out in Jinja with Izaac and Ellie and I'll drag my mom along on clinic days and put her to work and we are going to spend a day canning salsa and for my Dad I have a list as long as my arm of odds and ends around the house that need fixing.
However..... I'm not there yet. Last night I got home rather late and was re-arranging dirty dishes in the kitchen (until the water came back on I spent a bit of time doing that) and a scorpion came out from under the cabinets and attacked me. I've since been told they are just looking for water because it is so dry, but I'm pretty sure it was a malicious, pre-planned attack. I swore for a second or two then decided I had to kill it before I could go deal with my foot. After dumping a half liter of insecticide on my kitchen floor, I went and quickly swallowed 100 mg of diphenhydramine then packed my foot in all of this week's meals that I had in the freezer. (my freezer is the size of a shoe box, there is no room for ice in there.) After about an hour of thinking this actually doesn't feel anything like a bee sting, but having no difficulty breathing or arrhythmias I added a norco to the mix and went to bed. This morning it was a bit swollen and I still definitely have pain but there didn't seem to be any reason not to have a normal day. So I headed out to the garden where
Daniel and Collin have agricultural and livestock projects. (here and here)  I was cutting elephant grass and due to sweat and sunscreen and possibly a little scorpion venom (?) the machete slipped out of my hand and embedded itself in my leg. Well, a little more swearing and a lot of pressure held on the wound while I packed up the hay I'd cut and I headed back into town. I'd been kind of happy that I didn't have any referred patients today so wasn't going to spend any time at the hospital. Well, two hours and a few stitches later I'd gotten in my requisite time at the hospital. I should probably admit here that I had decided that steri strips would probably be good enough but in cleaning the wound it was pretty obvious that it was stupidly deep and that I'd hit the bone.  So, wise nurse that I am I went in for stitches. Where there was no sterile gloves or drape and the needle, needle driver and suture material all touched my skirt, the wall and/or the bed before being use on my leg. Started myself on antibiotics immediately after getting home. So, there you have it. Nothing productive accomplished today and I'm probably a danger to myself and others.

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ferrelli said...

It sounds like the folks can't get there soon enough. Do I pray for safety for you . . . or others? It's a toss up! Praying for ALL!