Thursday, September 22, 2011

Candid pictures

I've spent a few days out at Elda’s place. She is the mother of the twins. It is harvesting season and she has a big field of g- nuts (peanuts). Because of the twins she is having a hard time getting her harvest in. The plants have been pulled up because if they are left in the ground too long they will germinate and be no good. So she went through and pulled them all up. But they are laying on the ground still attached to the plant so they are now being eaten by bugs and animals and will begin to rot if not picked and dried soon. Her kids are 5, 3 and the twins are 9 months. Because she has the added work of  “making milk” (she isn’t able to produce milk so she has to pasteurize cow’s milk, boil water to wash their bottles and gather lots of extra fire wood for all of this heating of things) she is having a very hard time keeping the harvest from spoiling. I thought I could help a little. Even if I’m a slow picker, I can feed and bathe the twins and do their laundry, allowing their mother to harvest. Neighbor boys who aren't in school were sent over to help (and watch the strange white girl) and they found my camera. I showed them how to use it and consequently discovered when I got home that I have some pretty funny shots. 
Maybe I should have been supervising more carefully. 
Clearly we have a future photographer on our hands as he so succinctly captures the moment.  
I don't know how they got her to make this face but it cracked me up! This is Achen Mary, one of the twins. 
The twins content while we pluck peanuts.
More peanuts.
These little boys kept bringing more and more from the field. Just when I thought we were nearing the end....
And then there is this guy. If you can't say anything nice.....
This is the father of the twins. He knew how hard his wife was working (since sunrise!)  and around 3 pm he came home staggeringly drunk. I wouldn't have taken his picture but he made the kids do it. So not only does he not do any work but be spends the little money on alcohol. I have to stop now before I say anything not nice. 

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