Saturday, September 17, 2011


These pictures were taken around my house today. Some days feels it feels a little like I’m living in a subscription of HGTV.
I weeded around my pineapples and banana and orange tree. Then I made fresh squeezed juice.
Though more often than not it is actually more like Animal Planet around here.
These guys are perched on the grill, does that make it more like The Food Network?
Actually, Comedy Central might be the most accurate. 
These are all the girls in their undergarments doing their wash. Joyce has only boxers on, Janet is only wearing a slip and Vicky has men's boxers and my t-shirt because she seemed a little old to be shirtless. But they don't have enough clothes to wash and wear at the same time. 

The funnest part of all of this is that I haven’t seen any Food Network or Animal Planet or Comedy Central or HGTV  in nearly nineteen months. But who needs them when I live it day after day?!

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