Thursday, July 26, 2012

Easiest delivery ever!

A few of the other kids cooking as their mother was occupied
Ronnie (fellow teammate) called me around 1:45 this afternoon asking if I wanted to go deliver a baby. As my things left to do for the day were a pharmacy order and a grocery run I thought her idea was more fun so agreed. I quick grabbed my bag, picked up Ronnie and headed out to Obule. Rose is one of the ladies of the church I attend and I've been watching her get bigger and bigger for several months now. Honestly, I expected her to deliver weeks ago but she refused every time I encouraged her to come to the clinic on an antenatal day so I was really just guessing. I knew she wanted to deliver at home and as this was baby number 8 for her I really had no way to argue against that. When we arrived out in the village today and walked into her hut she was sitting on the floor, pretty relaxed. She looked a bit uncomfortable but was talking with us, with her husband, with her mother-in-law and generally giving very little indication that she was in labor. I have a very hard time understanding her English and I wanted her to know I was willing to help but yet also just wanted to stay out of her way and let her labor as she was most comfortable.  I asked a few questions about how long she had been having pains (contractions)- "since 10 am", and if her water broke- "not yet" but really got the sense she had in well under control and didn't need or want help.  She told her mother-in-law that she wanted to walk around. Ronnie and I sat on the ground outside as she headed off in the direction of the latrine. I few minutes later she went back inside but we heard the water from the basin splashing around so didn't go right back in to give her some privacy. Just minutes later we heard a baby cry! I jumped up and went in just in time to see the grandmother ease a good sized boy down to the ground. While Ronnie hunted through the med bag for my receiving blanket, I tried to keep the baby out of the massive puddle of amniotic fluid that was quickly turning to mud on the floor of the hut. The cord was still really short so I quickly tied and cut it so we could get the little guy up to his mother's chest. (BTW- hemostats are so much nicer than trying to tie that slippery cord with string!) The grandmother helped Rose get into a squat to deliver the placenta while Ronnie and I rubbed the baby off and tried to encourage him to clear his airway a little. He really looked good even though he had no desire to cry so we just held him to help him warm up. He was by far the most alert newborn I've ever met! 
10 minutes old
The placenta took a little while but finally came and Rose began to move around and clean up. It still amazes me that these women are so strong. Within 30 minutes she was sitting up, interacting with her other kids and getting on with her day. 

Rose on the left having a cup of tea, baby boy being held by his older sister. 
Mother-in-law (never did get her name, Rose was just too fast!) holding the new baby while Rose rested for a few minutes in the background. 
Praise the Lord it could not have gone any better! All seemed to be doing well and I was back home less than 3 hours later. If only they were all like that! 

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