Monday, July 23, 2012

Headed to Canaan

I was singing a song in Ateso at church yesterday and was reminded of the first time I sang that song here in Uganda. Now, I understand most of the words but at the time I didn’t have any idea. The music started up, we sang about one verse then as the chorus began, the ladies sitting on the floor stood up, people started picking up their mats, moms tied the babies on their backs, kids piled their things on their head someone even folded up my chair (as the white visitor I was one of the few in a chair) and everyone started heading for the door.  I thought church was over. Turns out the song is about heading to the promised land. Everyone was ready to go! This morning I knew better than to think the service was finished and people piled stuff on their head and danced toward the doors. But I did keep thinking about heading to the promised land. Am I ready to go? Don’t worry, I am not questioning my salvation at all. I have no doubt at all that I’m headed to the promised land after this life. But as I’ve had to think (and plan!) seriously about leaving Uganda this past week I’ve felt an urgency that I’ve not felt before. I’m not ready to be done here! There are still many that need to hear the Truth. Canaan is going to be wonderful and I'm looking forward to it but I'm not ready to go yet. And I want to challenge you too. Are you ready? Do you have something you need to do TODAY? 

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