Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rain forest

Finally, the long promised rain forest pictures!
Lets start with the butterflies because words can't even begin to describe the vibrancy and variety of their colors. 

The butterflies were more varied and numerous than the monkeys but still the monkeys were more impressive. Mostly they stayed high up in the canopy and wanted little to do with me but I still tried to coax them down.  
Simply called the Red Tailed monkey

Colobus monkeys

Blue Monkeys
Hard to see the forest for all the trees.
I went on an amazing night hike and saw bush babies, flying squirrels, a porcupine and bats that seemed to be the size of cranes as the swooped for the mosquitoes hovering above our heads. But turns out a camera isn't much good on a night hike so no good pictures of the nocturnal animals.
The guide told me there was a snake "over there." Here is a picture with the zoom on of over there as I sure wasn't getting any closer.  We were already 20 feet up in the trees so there wasn't much space to move. Didn't need to have anything feel threatened. 
Nothing like camping in the rain forest out of the back of my truck. 
Not a good choice for a walking stick.
A nice place to swim?


 I'm as impressed by the flora as the fauna.
With all of the drama of the passport visa aside I had a wonderful, restful trip, taking long walks in the forest, and just listening to my creator. I highly recommend it.

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shirley said...

Beautiful, Jennifer. Creation is something to behold. What an awesome Creator we serve.