Friday, August 31, 2012


My primary focus when in Kangole at this point is language learning. So several times I’ve just headed into the town center to practice what I’ve learned. This week I went to the home of one of the CLIDE evangelists and just sat with his wife. She is a lovely woman doesn’t speak any English. (Which is best for learning right?) I knew that she makes skirts but just learned that she also makes beaded necklaces and stuff. I was trying to talk with the ladies sitting around the porch but I was getting less than 1/16 of the conversation (and that was the part that they were attempting to translate for me!). So with the other 15/16ths I was just sitting trying to make agreeable sounds at the right time and one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was dressed like this.
There are like 10 pounds of beads around my hips and another 2 pounds on my neck. Then the ones tied around my arms and head are cutting off the circulation. But by K-jung standards I'm finally headed in the right direction. The skirt is my own, made of two wool blankets but it is the K-jung favorite.
I don't know how my language learning is coming but I'm getting more fashionable by the day.

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