Friday, August 31, 2012


 I hope these roads entertain you as much as they do me because this post is all about them again. I’m just back from Kangole yesterday. Still can’t get out to the peace village because of impassable roads. And I found the main one into Karamoja almost impassable this time. But somehow I made it through.
These guys were all digging to get this truck out. I slipped way too far over  trying to get around him but managed to pass somehow. I had never encountered mud like this. It has all the bad characteristics of tar while acting like grease. 
I'm thankful that this one was dry this time because that stick is marking a 3 foot drop off the side. The culvert is several feet deep but has been filled with rocks. As long as you can stay in the center you're fine. But you can see the trenches on the right the big trucks made as they tried to pass around because it is too narrow for them. 
This picture can't even begin to explain this pothole. Literally the whole truck drops down into that hole. I needed the 4wd low to climb back out and wasn't confidant the whole time that we were going to make it.  
This 16 wheeler was stuck so the road grader was pulling him out. We had to wait until he cleared out first.
As if the mud wasn't enough. It took nearly 10 minutes for this whole herd to clear  the swamp so we could get through. 

Bad picture but there are 4 trucks stuck here. We spent nearly two hours waiting for one to get out so we could get around. 
Last picture from this road trip:
I don't particularly like this one because it testifies that the water I was passing through was WAY too deep.  But by the time the water was hitting the windshield like this it was too late to turn around. So what did Kodet do? He got out my camera and documented it for me. somehow God protects me from my stupidity. Before next rainy season I will be getting a snorkel for the air filter on my truck. 

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