Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday School kids

All squeezed in my little living room. 
Back row: Emmanuel, Vicky, Ivan, Janet and Ken
Middle: Opio, Shelia, Joyce and Ivan
Front: Benjamin and Daniel
This week I brought the kids home with me after church and did a brief "sunday school". These are the kids that come with me to church almost every week and Beckie's mom has given them all nice new clothes so it was a good time to take pictures. I'd given them a talk about how I like their faces so much better when they were smiling (most Ugandans want to frown or look very serious in pictures) so in response I got these great faces. Thanks kids.

Marybeth- these pictures are for you. I tried to get them to group together with their siblings but they thought they looked better grouped based on clothes that looked similar. So in no particular order-
Emmanuel, Ken and Ivan
Ivan, Daniel and Opio
Shelia and Janet
Funny story about these two- when I picked them up for church Sheila had the pink shirt and blue skirt and Janet had the blue shirt and pink skirt.They said it was prettier that way. By the time they were at my house they had traded back. I didn't ask why. 
Joyce and Vicky
(Joyce is actually wearing the dress that the RRC team brought.) 
(Also wearing clothes the RRC team brought)


mbhendriksen said...

It is so great that you keep on keeping on with these youngsters and keep teaching them about Jesus. I'm glad that they liked the outfits...I hope that they feel special and loved. Prayers and blessings to you and the children. Marybeth

Melissa said...