Friday, August 10, 2012

My parents are coming!!

In 7 weeks my parents are coming to visit! If you can't tell I'm a bit excited. Due to the whole ongoing visa fiasco it looked for a bit like they were going to have to cancel but we've decided to move forward. I will expire right in the middle of their stay here which really stinks but I'm going to work really hard to renew again just before they arrive so that I should be all set until January. Will you be praying for that?
I've been really glad to hear you all have been having a drought and heat wave which will really help them be more prepared when they arrive at the start of the dry season. (As a matter of fact, it is possible that it was hotter and drier there the last few weeks than it will be when they are here!) There are a few other things they should do to prepare to come- like stand in one place and clap for a few hours to get used to it. (Have you ever clapped for more than an hour? It really is rather difficult!) They should drink all of their soda warm to get used to having a lot of warm coke here. Or they could drink hot tea at all hours of the day- especially 2 pm, the hottest part of the day when an iced beverage would be really nice but is never going to happen.  They could start referring to each other as foreigner as is the primary thing they will be called while here. My dad could do his work in the maintenance barn with only 4 tools and none of the right parts to begin thinking outside of the box for the work I'm going to need him to do. Mom could begin working with ear plugs in to get ready to not understand most of the patients that we'll be encountering.
Don't worry guys! It will be fun!!

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Nick Kragt said...

I think they are better prepared than you think. As for the standing and clapping well as americans we could all use practice with that, but let's be honest everyone enjoys warm soda dad already likes that gross pop around the smell of hot diesel trucks. Also keep in mind he works for the city or grand rapids so while he will have fewer tools not having any of the right parts will not be a change of pace. Also most of the people in my genertion all call our parents foreigners because im not convinced they know what an ipad is. you remember your brother chip right? I think mom is well prepared to tune out a patient. Love you sister.