Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have a feeling that some of you read my post last Sunday (about teaching the kids) and you know me well enough that you stepped up your prayers. You know about my aptitude with kids and my affinity for teaching and felt that much intercession was needed. And I agree! Today, I felt those prayers. I was intending to do some tutoring with Emmanuel and Joyce but when I went to pick them up found 7 kids waiting for me. For some strange reason I agreed to take the additional 5 and took them all over to my house after verbally confirming with them that this wasn't going to be play time but time to do some school work. The time went really well and I think the kids enjoyed it! They had to do some writing assignments on prefixes and suffixes or opposites (depending on their age) then work in two groups to write a short story using the words from the lessons. Considering they range from second grade to fifth grade somehow the lessons catered to all of them. It was actually fun. Here are the boys writing their story.

And the girls reviewing the words they just learned.

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