Wednesday, July 6, 2011

International Teams East Africa Conferance

50+ missionaries from Canada, UK, America, Ukraine, Kenya, South Africa and Costa Rica working in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Congo. We are talking about lots of things but the emerging African mission movement is a big part of our discussions. How is  it that 100+ years since Christianity came to Africa, African missionaries are so few?  How is it that churches that were planted by missionaries are not mission minded churches? Why are they not now sending out their own missionaries? AIM (African Inland Mission) began working in Kenya in 1895. It has planted more than 100 African Inland Churches. It boasts 100,000 members. And it has now sent out less than 40 missionaries. That is .04% of its members have become missionaries on a continent that still desperately needs them! We are also talking about some of the most marginalized (unreached) and it has been pointed out that often times pastors and church leaders fall into this category. (I’ve seen it over and over around Soroti- ask a pastor what is the good news? He can’t tell you.) How is it that a continent boasting of over 40% evangelical Christians has so many atrocities (like child sacrifice, bloody civil wars, massive genocides, and so many other things)?  Could it be that we as missionaries are doing thing wrong and our priorities have been over-focused on numbers instead of heart change?

Of course, it isn't all hard work and hard questions. We are having a little fun too. 

Grace and Lydia on the beach.

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Bemjamin Kragt said...

Your point about only .04% of African Christians becomeing "missionaries" is interesting. I wonder what percentage of Americans Christians could legitimatly be said to be "missionaries" to their own people.