Sunday, July 24, 2011

Open position: church secretary

Nayayot has a growing church!! Two weeks ago there were less than 20 believers in a village of 9,000+ people. As of this morning the church now consists of 500+ !  But what do you do with a church that doesn’t have a pastor and more than 90% of its members are new believers?! Will you pray for a way to disciple these folks?  Witch craft is still present, alchoholism still has a strong pull, and Satan won't give them up easily but the Holy Spirit is working. Please pray for supernatural understanding of the step they have just taken. These new believers really don’t have any idea what new life in Christ means. They saw the blind receive sight and heard of Jesus’ free gift but they don’t know of daily decisions. They haven’t lived with Christians before.   
Please pray! I'd love to be here more and part of discipleship but I can't travel here alone and don't have a vehicle that can handle the roads. We need God to raise up a team for discipleship to continue the work!

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