Thursday, July 14, 2011

Village VHT

 *Hopefully I'm in Karamoja right now. I wrote this post a few days ago but timed it to come up as we head north. Please be praying for us!!
 I’d like to introduce you to a woman named Dengel Betty. She lives in a remote village in Karamoja named Alakas. She is a Village Health worker and is a woman I’ll be working with in the coming months.  Her village is made up of about 59 families. I've heard it is accessible by road but I've yet to see this road. We arrived by a foot path that crosses some low mountains to reach the valley they live in. All of the people there get their water from a dirty mountain spring. There is no school, no medical care, nothing besides their homes and fields. The village meeting place is under a tree and life is hard.  

Betty is the one on my immediate left. As a Village Heath worker she has a small box of medicines  (the one her daughter is sitting on in the picture) and she does what she can for the people in her village. She has about a second grade education and walks more than a hour to get the precious limited meds that are given out every few months for her to use. She'll be at our training the next few weeks to learn more about assessment and vitals, fever in children, what to do in emergencies and most of all about how much God loves her and desires His best for her village. 

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