Thursday, July 21, 2011


Feeling pretty drained this morning. It has been a full couple of days with a few more full ones ahead.  As of yesterday evening we estimated we’ve seen 300+ patients. We thought we were going to have 3 physicians but only the one from the states is here. The Ugandan docs never joined us. That means I’ve needed to step in and see patients to keep up with the demand. I don’t like acting as a doctor. I really miss doing the nursing things but it is the way it has to be. Mostly I send him the complicated stuff and stick to the malaria, otitis media, parasites, UTI, ringworm, PID, pneumonia, gastritis…. Patient after patient. I would much rather spend more time with one sick one…. Ahhhh. Alright, enough complaining. I know that I’m just too tired. Last night I stayed up lat running through my talk on differential diagnosis on fever for today’s lecture. I’m really enjoying the morning teaching time. One of yesterday's topics was HIV and I did a “drama” to demonstrate the immune system which they seemed to really understand well and then a demo on transmission of HIV which made them laugh but I know they will remember it. But as much as I like teaching it makes me tired and then we head right into clinic all afternoon. There is so much going on to be excited about but tired….
Teaching how to read a thermometer

Dr. Will going through a head to toe assessment

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