Saturday, July 16, 2011


This just isn't going to be enough water.
The American team will arrive sometime today, for now finishing up the preparation and learning a little k-jong! I love the fact that I am finally beginning to understand a (tiny!) little bit of the language.

One of our big challenges that we are tackeling as the advance team is water. This village currently has only one working bore hole and the ground reservoir that it draws from is really slow to fill. As it is, it doesn’t meet the needs of the villagers and they go without. We are about to add a huge group of people who are used to using much more water just for bathing than the locals use to meet all of their needs.  So we’ve got this tank but the valve isn’t holding and it is filthy inside.
Solution? Put a small child inside to clean it.

Got to get the valve to at least stay closed... 
 We will send a pickup truck every day (sometimes twice a day) with 3, 100 liter barrels 27 kilometers to get enough water to cook, drink, clean and wash.

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mbhendriksen said...

Wow...what an undertaking...and something we don't even think about not having enough of...water. Blessings you you and Lacy!