Monday, July 18, 2011


This week’s (potential probable) schedule
                5:30 Up
                6:00 Worship and prayer for the day
                7:00 Breakfast
                8:00 Prep for the day
                9:00 Teaching VHTs by medical team, outreach teams head out to visit homes
                1:00 Break for lunch
                2:00 Medical team begins clinic, children’s team with multitude of kids, health teaching for those that are waiting.
                5:00 Music in village, worship and prayer on "stage" in the center by outreach team
                6:00 Wrap up in clinic
                7:00 Wash up and prep for next clinic
                8:00 Movie starts after dark in village
                9:00 Dinner
                10:00 Pack up movie and sound equipment from village
TIA (This Is Africa) so we’ll practically never follow this schedule but today it is what we set and kind of followed.   

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